website design.

our process.

website detailed brief

detailed brief.

We take the time to properly understand your business and purpose of the website, in order to provide you with creative core ideas on website design, structure, features and functionality.

website features

website features.

We’re not in the business of pumping out oodles of websites that might look pretty but are useless. Rather, we create websites that are attractive, engaging - perform and get results.


mock-up design.

O_Web is currently a small shop and so all our graphic design is outsourced to local talented graphic designers that Owen has formed strong working relationships with - and their work is tight.

website build launch

build launch.

Once you approve the design mockup we build the site so you can test and give approval for launch. We then do your SEO meta data for good search engine visibility - and hand over your new website.

Clear communication is maintained throughout every project and we involve you every step of the way - we also provide training to use your website.

mobile friendly.

mobile responsive friendly websites

If your website is not properly mobile-friendly, Google won’t be your friend.

All O_Web websites are built to be responsive and fluid on all devices from a 19 inch monitor to smaller devices such as tablets and phones.

We take the time to make sure it looks perfect on all devices.

It’s no hidden secret the majority of your customers visiting your website will now be visiting your site on a browser on their mobile phone. O_Web guarantee to you is to provide seamless websites that will look amazing on your mobile phone. O_Web specializes in mobile friendly websites and prides itself on its responsive web techniques and clean code to ensure your website will look outstanding on all mobiles regardless of the size of your screen.

self managed.

We offer many different types of websites and provide the service and knowledge to help you choose the right platform.

self managed website

Depending on your needs we can build and manage your website, or offer content management system (CMS) that are easy for you to manage your own content.

O_Web self-managed websites (CMS) keep their platforms and themes up to date as part of our hosting package. We build are sites with poplar platforms such as WordPress, and Concrete5. Based on the information you provide us in the design process will determine the platform we use. Along with a great website we will also provide the ongoing training and support for your Content Management System website.

web apps.

O_Web has the experience and knowledge to build custom scalable web applications for your business.

There are several reasons and benefits to building a web application for your business:

web portability

web portability.

Web applications are web-based and responsive. Your staff can access them from their office or on their mobile/tablet device wherever they are.

web integration

web integration.

Web applications can be integrated with other third party software or payment gateways.

web security

web security.

All our web applications are developed over SSL and use code coding practice to prevent malicious code attacks to protect your data.

web productivity

web productivity.

Improving systems and ease of use through custom web applications can greatly improve the productivity within your business

web scalability

web Scalability.

Tiered user permissions and separate user interfaces allow the your custom web application to grow as your business grows.

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